Why Great Leaders Get Passed Over: 4 Reasons

In this article, Les McKeown does a fine job of explaining how your blind spots can hold you back. His advice? Find a mentor you can trust or "get enrolled in a decent 360 assessment process."  I would add it is also vital to understand how others view your strengths. Give me a call if you want clarity about how others view working with you.

Feel you are doing all the right things but aren't getting the pat on the back you desire? You may need to have an honest conversation with yourself.

A while back we looked at the four key reasons good leaders go unrecognized. But there's another category of leader, one who experiences even more frustration: leaders who arerecognized as such, but who, for reasons unknown to them, never receive the recognition (or, perhaps, promotion) that they believe they deserve.

Over the years, I've identified four main reasons why this happens. If you feel you (or a colleague) are doing all the right things but aren't getting the increased responsibility or exposure you desire, check out this list and see which may apply to you:

  1. You have an awkward blind spot. 
  2. You have an unresolved screwup. 
  3. You're carrying (un)hidden agendas. 
  4. You're ignoring or abusing a key constituency.