Do you want to elevate your company’s performance and profits?  Inspiring leaders, high performing teams, and motivated star performers are the key to your company’s superior performance. The Professional Development Group works with business owners and leadership teams to understand the vision and strategy of where an organization is going and then design an organizational structure to create the growth needed to bring the vision alive. Our scientific and results-focused organization alignment processes will guide your business to the next level of performance and success.

Organization Alignment Processes

High Performing Team Retreat

We begin by facilitating a High Performing Team Retreat to provide clarity about roles and goals, improve support for business strategy, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce conflict.

Job Benchmarking

Through our Job Benchmarking process, we create key accountabilities for each role, ensure that the right people are in the right roles, and that every role has a direct impact on the overall business strategy.  

Executive & Talent Mastery Coaching®

The Professional Development Group supports leaders in developing staff, skill-building, and staying focused on growth through our Talent Mastery Coaching® processes.  

Hiring the Right Team Member

We can also oversee your hiring process for new or open roles. With our scientific, data-driven job benchmarking, assessments, and hiring process, we help you make the best hiring decisions for your unique culture.

Team Communication Playbook

Our Team Communication Playbook is an unique tool to guide communication for team members so they can be effective in collaborating together.

Team Effectiveness Survey

On a quarterly basis following your High Performing Team Retreat, we administer surveys, analyze results, and make recommendations to address issues and accelerate your team’s growth toward achieving your vision.