Do You Know What Might Be Stunting Your Company Growth?

Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: An organization or business unit goes through a predictable set of challenges as it grows through the 7 Stages of Growth, according to James Fischer's extensive research.

There are specific challenges that need to be top priorities in each Stage of Growth, and what you don't get done in any stage of growth doesn't go away. These challenges are the hidden agents--defined as 27 challenges--that impact a company's ability to grow. These hidden agents will morph from one stage to the next, from profit challenges to people or process challenges; and each of these challenges must be mastered to successfully grow. Unmet hidden agents for any stage will stunt your growth. 

To stay ahead of your company's growth curve, take the time to identify top challenges and get your management team aligned behind those top challenges. If business leaders are focused on the right challenges at the right stage, they can build sustainable growth for their organizations.

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