Whether your team needs help communicating, collaborating, staying engaged, making a greater impact, or dealing with change, The Professional Development Group will guide the way. We lead customized management and leadership training, workshops, and retreats for organizations who want to grow to the next level of performance and success.

For a sample list of topics for presentations, workshops, and retreats, click here.

Our Team Workshops & Retreats

High Performing Team Retreat

Whether you have a newly formed team or a seasoned team, our 2-day High Performing Team Retreat will provide clarity about roles and goals, improve support for business strategy, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce conflict. 

Talent@Work® Seminar

Developing trust, communicating effectively, and inspiring superior performance are the building blocks of our 2- or 3-day Talent@Work® Seminar, which is designed to promote high-caliber collaboration among even the most complex teams.

Custom Workshops & Seminars

Our customizable workshops and seminars can be tailored for your organization on any topic and delivered in a format that suits your needs – from a 1-hour presentation or keynote to a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day learning experience. Click here to explore topics.

24/7 Leadership Training

The 24/7 Leadership Training can be customized to your organization - including the title of the program! These 12 modules will give you a common language to build a high performing team culture. The training can be remote (via Zoom) or in person.