Imagine Your Best Year

I want to start 2015 by sharing a story of success.

Last year Nancy, one of my coaching clients, had her best year ever. How did she do it? It all started when I asked Nancy this question:

If you were wildly successful this year, both personally and professionally, what would that look like?

Nancy imagined the answer. In her mind's eye she saw increased numbers for new business, listened to a voice on the other end of her phone telling her about an important opportunity, and felt exhilaration over achieving a new professional goal. Her vision was so detailed, she could even taste the champagne toasting her success.

What came next? Nancy wrote it all down. I refer to this as a "That's for Me! List." Then I had her read this list every day. In our coaching sessions, she would read it out loud to me and we would talk about what was evolving.

Because she looked at her "That's for Me! List" every day, Nancy took risks she never would have taken. When small opportunities presented themselves, she saw how they could lead to the bigger opportunities connected to her vision of success, and so she said yes when she might have said no.

Were there road blocks, set backs, detours? Of course. Those were the moments when having a coach guide her through to a fully imagined goal became most important. It helped her stay the course. Kept her from giving up. Inspired her to try something new, work harder, and stay focused.

Steadily new business increased.

In June, she received a phone call about an exciting opportunity that acknowledged her success and opened new doors.

By October she achieved something she never thought possible.

So what are we doing this January? We're asking this question again: 

If you were wildly successful this year, both personally and professionally, what would that look like?

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is the preview of coming attractions." If there are things you want for yourself in your career and in your personal life, see them happening and commit to them in writing. Remind yourself daily of what you want to create, and then work to make your vision a reality.

Need a guide to help you create a bigger vision for yourself? Reach out and ask me about my 2015 Best Year Ever coaching process.