Specifically designed to jump-start professional growth, our Individual Professional Development Plans are for people who want to identify the skills they need to excel professionally, and for managers who want a more effective way to create customized development plans for their employees.  

Professional Development Plan Process

Online Assessment

To begin, a participant completes an online assessment that enables us to understand his or her learning style, preferred communication style, motivators, and competencies.  From this assessment, an individual’s strengths, motivators, and blind spots become clear.

Conversations for Debriefing & Goal-Setting

Next, the individual participates in 2 follow-up conversations with a leadership coach: one to debrief the assessment – his/her strengths, motivators, and blind spots – and a second conversation to discuss role-specific goals that will guide the participant toward the next level of their professional success.

Optional 360 Feedback

Optional 360 feedback enables a participant to discover how the key stakeholders to their success perceive their leadership, communication style, and effectiveness.  360 feedback can be gathered through perceptual interviews of 6-8 key stakeholders or by online survey of up to 100 participants, and the results are discussed during the debrief conversation.