Stop the Insanity. Resolve to Learn How to Manage Effectively

Would a surgeon ask her intern to perform surgery without surgical tools? Of course not.

Would a banker ask a loan officer to conduct business without calculators and computer databases? Never!

Yet in every profession executives ask team leaders to manage others without providing the right tools or training to do so.  

It's not enough to tell your project director to "manage" the issues among her direct reports. If she doesn't know how to deal with conflict, create engagement, or foster collaboration, she won't be as successful in leading the team as she could be.

Some leaders who are naturally gifted in emotional intelligence don't know how to teach what they do intuitively.

Other leaders lack the know-how themselves and so leave their direct reports to sink or swim on their own.

Managing without training is like doing a job without the right tools. It doesn't have to be this way.

Join us on June 23-25 for the Talent@Work seminar, where you'll learn the foundations for managing more effectively.   

Successful leaders know that building high performing teams involves more than hiring talented people and putting them in a room together; it involves building trust, communicating effectively, and inspiring superior performance.

How do you build trust? Connect on a personal level and tune into the emotions of others.

How do you communicate effectively? Learn the 4 different communication styles and how they impact team interactions.

How do you inspire superior performance? Understand each team member's motivators and skills and put the right person in the right role.

The Talent@Work® seminar shows you how to integrate these 3 building blocks of collaboration and become a more effective leader.

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. To build new skills and get new results, do something different. Equip your people with the right tools for creating star performance.