Are You Running Effective Team Meetings?

Below is an excerpt from my new coaching process, The 24/7 Leader: Transforming Personal & Professional Life:

Inspiring leaders build and sustain high performing cultures through individual and team awareness, ongoing commitment, and regular communication.

To build trust in the culture, we recommend managers review accountabilities with their employees regularly (communicating daily if someone is new, otherwise weekly or bi-weekly) and use a standing meeting agenda to facilitate deeply meaningful conversations every week.

Leaders also need a forum for communicating frequently with each other, so they can bond as a team and lead the organization together.

We use the weekly/bi-weekly agenda below when we facilitate leaderships meetings with our clients.

Leadership Team Meeting Agenda:

  • Review norms (rotate every other meeting).
  • Share good news!
  • Review accountabilities and scorecard.
  • Review projects and 90-day priorities on the horizon.
  • Share customer and employee headlines.
  • Review opportunities for improvement/issues list.
  • Invite people to share what they’ve learned recently and what they are practicing now.
  • Create to-do list / action items for next steps.
  • Conclude: “On a 10-point scale, how did we do? What needs to happen next time to get a 10?”

When you first start using this agenda, allocate more time to get through your accountabilities and issues lists. Once you’ve mastered those parts, tweak the time to suit your team’s needs.

In this video, I walk through the specific benefits of this agenda:

If you are looking for a facilitator to ensure your leadership team meetings are highly productive, let’s talk!

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