Habits That Keep You Primed For Success

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Habits matter. Good ones underpin our successes and bad ones undermine our health and aspirations. That’s why it’s important to intentionally build routines that align with what we want: a happy, healthy, successful life. If you know people who have achieved a goal that you also want to achieve, ask them about their habits!

Below are some of the daily practices of successful people that I admire. Review the list and consider which ones you want to integrate into your life. Focus on one at a time for 30-60 days until it becomes your preferred way of operating. Master one and then move to a new one. You’ll not only feel the pride of achievement, you’ll notice an increase in energy, motivation and productivity.

Health Habits

Star performers know that to be at the top of their game, they have to maintain high levels of energy and keep a clear head to do their best thinking. That all starts with taking care of your body. Start here and identify the habits that you have not mastered yet.

  1. Get seven to eight hours of rest every night.
  2. From the time you wake up, eat small portions every 2-3 hours, consuming primarily vegetables and protein. Learn what your body needs to thrive and have high energy.
  3. Exercise daily. A 30-minute walk will help your brain work more effectively and creatively.
  4. Keep a consistent schedule. Each day, wake up and go to bed at around the same time.

Work Habits

To be successful, set yourself up to do your best work and nurture the vision you have for yourself. Establishing the habits below will help you do both.

  1. Visualize your goals every day and imagine positive outcomes.
  2. Write your goals for tomorrow before you leave work today.
  3. Do one thing at a time, and be present with what you are doing now. For example, listen deeply, minimize distractions, read email and social media one or two times per day.
  4. Do the most challenging task on your to-do-list first each day.
  5. Love your space. Declutter your space and spend your time in spaces that delight you.
  6. Don’t get distracted by what other people are or are not doing. Instead, focus on your own goals.
  7. Spend time with people who challenge you and encourage you to remove excuses instead of reinforcing them.
  8. Perfect your inner dialog. Talk to yourself intentionally and choose your affirmations wisely.
  9. Use your emotions as a guide. Ask yourself the right questions based on what you are feeling now so you don’t get stuck in negative emotions.
  10. Communicate clearly and consciously. Ask for what you want. Don’t talk about what you don't want. 

Life Management Habits

When I ask clients to define their roles, they usually describe their jobs. Then I model what I’m asking for by defining my roles: I’m a wife, a mother, executive coach, a business owner, leader and friend. Being successful means performing well in all areas of my life. To do that, I intentionally seek out ways to improve and grow, to nurture myself and those around me.

The habits listed below will help you stay primed for success.

  1. Ask bigger questions. For example: What would your life (or business) look like in three years if you were wildly successful? What would need to exist for you to be joyful now?
  2. Understand and manage your finances. Set your life up so you are on the path to being financially free.
  3. Focus your mind for 30 minutes on something that is peaceful for you. This could be gardening, knitting, coloring, meditating, creating a vision board -- anything that puts you into a meditative state where your thoughts are positive and enjoyable.
  4. Read regularly. Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading, while Mark Cuban reads three hours per day. Elon Musk also describes himself as an avid reader.
  5. Keep a learning journal. Organize what you learn each day or week into specific actions you will take.
  6. Volunteer five hours a month to help a cause you believe in. Bask in great feelings as you contribute meaningfully.

To be successful, create habits that support your goals and put you another step closer to living the life you aspire to. Consider which habits would serve you best in 2018 and make a plan now to master one every month in the coming year.

When you do, you’ll improve your health, build your confidence and expand your opportunities. Success is on the way!

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