Is your employee morale healthy enough to support growth?

Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: A company's employee morale is its lifeblood. Is yours anemic and unable to withstand the stress of change? Or is it pulsing with energy and optimism, healthy enough to fuel the risk-taking necessary for innovation and growth?

Companies with healthy morale have a built-in immune defense system against poor employee performance, while those with low morale are more susceptible to eroding quality and customer service, as well as competitors' attacks.

Since healthy employee morale is required for any organization to successfully navigate the 7 stages of growth, consider getting a check-up. The Professional Development Group can determine if your organization has the necessary resilience to cope with change. We can help you identify and resolve conflict, coach you on the best leadership strategy, and offer you a prescription for getting healthy and staying healthy.

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