To Grow or Not to Grow: Create the Right Team to Achieve Success

Are you operating like a Builder or a Protector today? Based on James Fischer's extensive research, an organization or business unit goes through a predictable set of challenges at each stage of growth, and, at each stage there is an optimal ratio of Builders to Protectors.

A Builder mindset creates new ideas, takes on new initiatives, finds ways to expand the revenue and profitability of the enterprise. They are risk tolerant and highly supportive of growth.

A Protector mindset is cautious and prefers to slow things down. They are risk averse and highly suspicious of growth. 

At any given time, each of us can behave as a builder or a protector. Having the right ratio of builders-to-protectors mentality is important for meeting the challenges of your current growth stage. Not having enough builders or enough protectors at the right stage means your business will have significant blind spots that can stunt your growth.

Let us help you assess your builder-to-protector ratio among your management team, and align the team to focus on the right challenges for your current stage of growth.