Do You Want to Develop Resilience to Grow & Thrive During Times of Disruption?

The Professional Development Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Ward, Ph.D., as Senior Consultant & Coach.

Andrew focuses on preparing organizations and individuals to grow as they plan for, cope with, and lead in a disrupted future. 

He brings deep expertise in the areas of strategy, governance, and organizations, as well as in developing resilience and reputation. 

Andrew works with CEOs, leaders, and organizations to understand how future societal megatrends will converge to profoundly disrupt businesses -- and how your business can develop resilience to grow and thrive during this disruption. Andrew also works with individuals and high performing teams on improving the decision-making process, resulting in improved quality and implementation of decisions. 

Author of The Leadership Lifecycle: Matching Leaders to Evolving Organizations, co-author of Firing Back: How Great Leaders Rebound After Career Disasters, and author of numerous articles in leading academic journals, Andrew is also the Associate Dean for the College of Business & Economics at Lehigh University and the Charlot & Dennis E. Singleton '66 Endowed Chair in Corporate Governance.    

As a Sr. Consultant and Coach with The Professional Development Group, Andrew leads a range of workshops, presentations, and coaching processes for leaders of every size of organization, such as:

The "Being Resilient When Facing Disruption" Series

Preparing for a Disruptive Future
This workshop identifies the range of potential environments the organization will need to adapt to, explores where you can make investments in future capabilities, how your strategy is resilient (or not) to different future environments, and focuses on how to make your strategy more robust to different potential futures.

The Leadership Life Cycle: Matching Leaders to Evolving Organizations
This presentation and coaching process enables leaders to understand how the needs of a leadership role changes throughout the organizational lifecycle, to identify the type of leadership role that best fits your strengths and when to delegate and or move on, and how to assess opportunities inside and outside your organization for growth.

The Future of Work
This presentation, workshop, and coaching process identifies the demographic shifts and societal forces that will create change in work over the next 10-20 years, the upcoming challenges to the organization, HR, and managers, and focuses on a vision for organizations to thrive amongst this change.

Decision Making for Leaders
This workshop and coaching process enables leaders to experience a personalized decision making assessment, to understand your personal style of decision making and the factors that go into making good decisions, identify your biases and their potential consequences on the quality and effectiveness of your decisions, and to develop your ability to make effective decisions.

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