Want to Be Known as a Star Performer? Renew Your Resolve

What's Your Plan for Being Known as a Star Performer? Are you thinking about next year's performance review results now?

How your leadership team perceives you will have a direct impact on where you land in the succession plan. Will you be the next in line for promotion? Not sure? Then develop an action plan now. 

If you read my December newsletter, you'll remember I sent out a list of professional competencies that need to be in place before accepting a leadership role.

Perhaps you looked at the list and made a New Year's resolution to improve your personal accountability or your interpersonal skills. Well, how's that going? It's time to check in with your progress.

Research shows that we are more likely to stick to our resolutions if we find opportunities to make a "fresh start" multiple times during the year. In other words, don't wait for New Year's Eve to revisit your resolutions; the first day of EVERY month offers a new beginning. 

Try these 3 suggestions for putting yourself on the path for star performance:

1. Schedule "accountability checks" with yourself on your calendar. These could be once a month, once a quarter, or twice a year. Pull out the professional competencies worksheet and reflect on your progress.

2. Find an accountability partner. Invite a colleague or friend to help you reach your goals. Share your plan for growth. ("I want to be a better listener. I want to stop interrupting others and instead create internal summaries in conversations before I share my point of view to confirm my understanding of what the other person shared.") Set a time frame for checking in. ("Will you call me in one week or month to ask me what I've done so far to achieve my goal?") Discuss how you will both know when you have accomplished what you set out to do.

3. Identify a way to reward yourself. Keep a visual of the reward as your smart phone background, on your desk, or in a drawer you frequently open. Let it serve as a daily reminder that the hard work of change is worthy of celebration!

If you want a measurably better performance review next year, confirm that you understand the expectations of your role and stay focused now on the areas where you can make the biggest difference.