Want to Increase Profits and Attract Customers? Let Us Help

Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: When you find that your profitability is eroding, margins are deteriorating and customers are migrating away, do you calmly assess the situation and recognize that you need a flexible planning model, a 12-month profit plan and a better understanding of your cost of goods?

Or do you panic, lower your prices (which further erodes your profitability), and assume you have the wrong people in place?

So often issues that create chaos in a business aren't identified correctly. Or they get bunched together under one big issue which can lead a business owner to solving one aspect of the issue and ignoring the others. That's why we help CEOs and their management teams identify their 27 Challenges and Strengths and then guide them to address areas of concern.  We know that identifying a problem incorrectly will add another layer of confusion and waste time and resources.

Each of these 27 Challenges will impact your company as you grow. Our approach (based on the concepts underlying the 7 Stages of Growth) helps the CEO and management team focus on the right things at the right time. There are specific challenges that need to be priorities in each stage of growth, and what you don't get done in one stage of growth will hamper you in the next.

Taking the time to identify your top challenges and getting your management team aligned behind those top challenges are critical steps in staying ahead of your company's growth curve.  Contact us if you are interested in a diagnosis.