Gratitude and Emotional Intelligence

Thank you for being inspiring and aspiring leaders! Thank you for sharing your vision, for encouraging people to grow and develop, and for acknowledging the people on your team who make a contribution. Thank you for expressing gratitude to others in ways that help them to connect the dots about what is important in your organization.

All of us at The Professional Development Group applaud your efforts to craft conversations that help others see new possibilities for themselves. You make your corner of the world - your team - better by connecting team members to what they do best and are passionate about in the work place. 

You know how to play to people's strengths and help them understand how best to bring their talents to your organization to solve problems, serve customers, and create the right kind of growth. 

I'd like to personally express my gratitude to those of you with whom we've worked. You attended our workshops and presentations, asked for coaching, invited us to oversee your hiring process, and used our tools for leadership development and organizational alignment. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your efforts to grow your organizations, create healthy and dynamic cultures, and build better, more collaborative teams.

As I reflect on what we continue to create together, I am filled with joy and reminded why gratitude is such a key component of emotional intelligence. Focusing on gratitude expands the good things around us!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, let's all take the time to engage in the conversations that affirm the people we work and live with. Let's celebrate what we have already achieved together! Let's continue the conversation and share our visions for what we will create by collaborating together!