Raise Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient

Shiny red hearts are already showing up everywhere. Valentine's Day and its bold focus on emotion reminds us to reflect on what causes us to feel love and joy and make our heart beat faster.

Most of my readers already know that when it comes to developing and leading successful teams, EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) matters just as much as IQ. A genius can create a brilliant product, but if she can't connect with people, she won't be able to lead the company that produces it.

So what is emotional intelligence and how can you use it to improve your performance? 

Let me break it down for you--literally. 

Starting February 1, I will share one idea on emotional intelligence every day for the entire month. By following these ideas you will be able to focus on the right things to increase your emotional intelligence.

Are you ready to stop letting fear hold you back and allowing frustration and anger to derail your goals for success? 

Want to understand how to influence and inspire others? 

One tweet a day for 28 days will build a path. It's an easy commitment to make to learn how to work smarter.

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