How Does Your Charitable Giving Connect with Your Brand?

It makes sense that the season of abundant harvest is followed by the season of giving.

Many of us are now making decisions about charitable donations as the year ends. There are so many deserving organizations. How do we choose which ones to support? As in so many decisions, our personal experiences, emotions, and values need to come into play. A cancer survivor might decide to give to a research institute, an animal lover to a rescue. Because I dealt with dyslexia as a child, learning to read was a break-through experience for me. My experiences shaped the core services of TPDG which are inextricably linked with life-long learning. Thus I focus my giving on promoting literacy with the Tail Wagging Readers organization, the local library, and community programs that focus on life-long learning. What connects you and your business to the charities you support? The answer also sheds light on your personal brand.