Change Your Career Trajectory

Stop waiting for someone else to invest in YOUR professional development. Join our new webinar series that will change your career trajectory. We've combined our most popular workshop topics into six 1-hour webinars beginning September 17. Sign up now to reserve your seat.

The professional development webinar series includes these topics:

Using Preferred Communication Styles - understand your own style, and understand and appreciate other people's styles and their value to the team.

Using Workplace Motivators - gain clarity about your motivators to understand the "why" behind what you do, and why motivators cause others to do what they do.

Using Natural Talents - differentiate the competencies based on your self-assessed talents and personal skills, and gain insight for where to begin your own development.  

Developing Emotional Quotient (EQ) - understand your self-assessed EQ, and gain insight for where to focus your own EQ development to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.   

Creating Conversations for Change® - learn the "12 ways to say it right when it matters most," to form your own tool kit for when to use which conversations.

Building a Networking & Collaborating Map - put everything you've learned together from the 5 previous webinars, and identify the people you want or need to network and collaborate with.  Whom do you know? Who wants to help you? Whom do you want to help?  Which conversations do you use, and with whom?

What's Different about Us 

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect, explore, and learn new skills for fully bringing their talent to work. They will learn about communication styles and workplace motivator differences that account for their own preferences, as well as someone else's, for problem solving, decision making, and dealing with compliance and constraints.  Participants will learn their own natural talents and develop their emotional intelligence, and put it all together to effectively engage others to collaborate for success.  

To get the most out of this webinar series, participants are requested to complete a self-assessment of their own Preferred Communication Style, Workplace Motivators, Natural Talent and Emotional Intelligence.  It will take each person about 40-60 minutes on-line to complete the assessments.  This can be done anytime as long as they are completed prior to the first webinar.  (These assessments may be taken in a variety of languages; please contact us if you would prefer to take an assessment in a language other than English.)  The result of the assessments is a detailed, 60+ page personalized report which will be sent via e-mail to the participant, and which will remain confidential unless the participant chooses to share it. 

This webinar series will use the Talent@Work® content from The Professional Development Group, LLC and the Conversations that Get Results and Inspire Collaboration book by Shawn Kent Hayashi.  The webinar series will be co-led by Kristy Tan Neckowicz and Shawn Kent Hayashi. Our assessments have been highly researched and independently validated for personal and organizational development.  We also include exercises for participants to deepen and/or share their learning throughout the webinar series.