This article was originally published in Forbes. Many of the clients I work with are surprised to learn that it’s not what they’re saying that’s holding them back -- it’s often what they’re doing. Here are six common bad habits that undermine personal interactions:
This article was originally published on Forbes. The field of executive coaching has been evolving. At first it was considered a hush-hush remedy for top executives with valuable specialized knowledge, but sorely lacking in some skills. Then, once people understood the value of coaching for career development, it became a coveted perk for those on the high potential track. Eventually, executive coaching morphed into leadership coaching, because it wasn’t just for upper-level executives anymore.
To learn why coaching is far and away the best method for refining the leadership skills of executives, read Shawn Kent Hayashi's article on TrainingIndustry.com here.
For Dr. Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey, the chief dentist at the Hellertown Dental Group, dentistry is the vehicle for her passion for growth.
Recently I was in a call with a coaching client, Nancy, who began the conversation by spewing problems, challenges and issues that had been weighing on her since we talked last. As she finished, she said, “Oh my goodness, I hope I didn’t bring you down, Shawn.” Without much thought, I said, “You don’t have the power to bring me down.”
The Professional Development Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Ciminelli as Corporate Finance Consultant.
Want a more innovative culture? Creating a culture of innovation is on every leader’s to-do list. The question is, how? How do you lead in a way that fosters flexible, future-focused thinking?
Growing a business often requires developing people. But what can a leader do if someone on the team isn’t interested in growing?
Do you maximize the talents of your team members? Have you learned to minimize unproductive conflict, and focus the energy and drive of your team? Do you have a comprehensive approach for inspiring star performance?
The Professional Development Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Ward, Ph.D., as Senior Consultant & Coach.