In this month's newsletter, I'd like to share an interview with Bill Bonstetter, Chairman and Founder of TTI Success Insights. Bill talks about the importance of futuristic thinking, a skill that remarkably few people have developed.
Want a glimpse into the future of work? Watch this TED talk to see why I envision a future with more flexibility, more engagement--more opportunities to fall in love with your work.
A client of mine recently shared a story about how she resolved a long-standing personal conflict using her newly acquired awareness of emotional intelligence.Since her conflict revolved around end-of-year giving, and since we're now entering the season of giving, I want to share the story with you as a gift.
Do you know what drives you? Do you know what drives your employees? Many people don’t understand the impact that motivators can have on work performance. Yet it’s one of the main themes we emphasize in Lehigh’s MBA program orientation.
Ever heard of the Rosetta Stone? It’s the black granite stone that provided archeologists with the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics. The artifact was such an important discovery that we now use the term “Rosetta Stone” to refer to any discovery that unlocks mystery and makes new understanding possible.
Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: When you find that your profitability is eroding, margins are deteriorating and customers are migrating away, do you calmly assess the situation and recognize that you need a flexible planning model, a 12-month profit plan and a better understanding of your cost of goods?Or do you panic, lower your prices (which further erodes your profitability), and assume you have the wrong people in place?
Jon Stewart is not only a brilliant comic, he's also a fearless leader. Why?He continually hires talented performers that are as good as if not better than he is, allows them to develop comic diversity that complements his own, and then watches them walk out the door to star in their own shows. (Comedian Larry Wilmore is the latest Daily Show staffer to get his own show after John Oliver and, of course, Stephen Colbert.)
Have you heard of Ed Catmull? He’s one of the founders--along with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter--of Pixar Animation Studios, one of the most successful movie studios in the business. Catmull has a new book out called Creativity Inc: Understanding the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration.In his book, Ed Catmull explains just how vital it is to have the right team if you want to achieve great results:
Fear of failure, of loss, of change--this emotion in its many forms can be the biggest obstacle to personal success. Our fears can stunt growth in ourselves and others. So how can we move ourselves through fear?Whether you're the leader who is seeing a fear-based pattern of thinking, or the employee who is feeling fear, follow these steps:
Last Friday I gave the opening keynote at a conference focused on the Future of Leadership. My presentation discussed the best tools leaders use to take the terror out of hiring and promoting.