Have you ever observed someone who struggled with speaking up to the boss?I could share hundreds of stories about professional men and women who didn't share their opinions, point out mistakes (even costly ones), or address conflict with the boss. Of all the fears I've helped people overcome as an executive coach, this one is the most common, even though the person I'm coaching didn't initially describe the issue this way.  
How do you help people who have "always done it this way" accept new ideas for doing things better?
What if one book could reveal to you how to find happiness, conquer fear, build stronger relationships, and create a life filled with purpose and passion – would you read it?
Fear is a powerful ally when it keeps us safe from potentially harmful situations--like driving too fast or walking alone at night in a dangerous area. Fear is NOT our ally when it prevents us from embracing opportunities for growth.
Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: Have you ever wondered, "How do I get my boss to listen to me?" It's a question that comes up frequently in coaching sessions. In one particular session, Sarah, a manager of a growing team of analysts, was asking the question.
Thank you for being inspiring and aspiring leaders! Thank you for sharing your vision, for encouraging people to grow and develop, and for acknowledging the people on your team who make a contribution. Thank you for expressing gratitude to others in ways that help them to connect the dots about what is important in your organization.
From the desk of Melanie Sanchez-Jones: What's the biggest anxiety for any high performing team?
Like boats, people create wakes -- swells of good feeling, ripples of irritation, or frothing waves of drama and crisis. These emotional wakes can either spur engagement or thwart it, which is why effective leaders are mindful of the impact they have on those around them. What effect do you have on your team members?
Maria walked into the team meeting with a chip on her shoulder.
After hearing about Pixar's new animated movie, I knew I had to see it immediately!Inside Out is a film about 5 emotions coming to life: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. (While Pixar identified only 5, there are actually 7 core emotions; Love and Hope don't make an appearance.) Still, it's amazing to see how Pixar's animators turned feelings into characters who vie to control the "Head Quarters" of an 11-year-old girl.