"Does emotional intelligence really matter?" Arnold, one of my new coaching clients asked me. This CEO had a bad habit of verbally lashing out at employees, as I had learned from doing a 360 and speaking with several direct reports.  In the past 6 months, 3 star performers left the company claiming they were unable to work with him. Arnold was burning through people like an out-of-control fire in a drought-ridden forest.  His nickname had become "The Terminator." 
"I don't understand why I haven't been able to hire competent people who want to stick around," Bob, the CEO of a medical devices company, shared as he vented his frustration about continual turnover in several key roles in his organization.
Talent. It's one of the key resources for a successful business. What are the best ways to attract it? How do you provide the right kind of culture to nurture it? How do you avoid losing it to competitors?Talent. It's one of the key resources for a successful business, and yet so few people understand how to manage it effectively.Want to be one of them?
I want to start 2015 by sharing a story of success.Last year Nancy, one of my coaching clients, had her best year ever. How did she do it? It all started when I asked Nancy this question:If you were wildly successful this year, both personally and professionally, what would that look like?
In this month's newsletter, I'd like to share an interview with Bill Bonstetter, Chairman and Founder of TTI Success Insights. Bill talks about the importance of futuristic thinking, a skill that remarkably few people have developed.
Despite the unemployment statistics there is actually a war for top talent happening now, and it will be even more obvious as the economy improves. It affects a company's succession plans-developing internal people to take over leadership positions as senior leaders transition into other roles or retire.
Want a glimpse into the future of work? Watch this TED talk to see why I envision a future with more flexibility, more engagement--more opportunities to fall in love with your work.
A client of mine recently shared a story about how she resolved a long-standing personal conflict using her newly acquired awareness of emotional intelligence.Since her conflict revolved around end-of-year giving, and since we're now entering the season of giving, I want to share the story with you as a gift.
Do you know what drives you? Do you know what drives your employees? Many people don’t understand the impact that motivators can have on work performance. Yet it’s one of the main themes we emphasize in Lehigh’s MBA program orientation.
Ever heard of the Rosetta Stone? It’s the black granite stone that provided archeologists with the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics. The artifact was such an important discovery that we now use the term “Rosetta Stone” to refer to any discovery that unlocks mystery and makes new understanding possible.