The Professional Development Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Ciminelli as Corporate Finance Consultant.
For Dr. Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey, the chief dentist at the Hellertown Dental Group, dentistry is the vehicle for her passion for growth.
Want a more innovative culture? Creating a culture of innovation is on every leader’s to-do list. The question is, how? How do you lead in a way that fosters flexible, future-focused thinking?
Growing a business often requires developing people. But what can a leader do if someone on the team isn’t interested in growing?
Do you maximize the talents of your team members? Have you learned to minimize unproductive conflict, and focus the energy and drive of your team? Do you have a comprehensive approach for inspiring star performance?
The Professional Development Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Ward, Ph.D., as Senior Consultant & Coach.
"Know your message. Respect your audience. Be authentic." That's what media expert Ashley Russo shows people how to do when she's leading a workshop or coaching clients on how to handle the media.
There's a simple truth that may seem obvious but is easy to forget: be aware of how others interpret what you are saying.
Change. It's the one constant in business these days. And it's also a kind of crucible for testing the mettle of leaders. Can they manage change themselves? Can they help their team members get results while dealing with disruption and uncertainty?
At lunch you vent to your co-worker that your boss’ recent decision will cause problems down the road for the project you’re working on. But later that afternoon, when your manager brings up that same topic, you don’t say a word. You want to speak up, you really do. However, your mouth has gone dry, and you can’t figure out how to make your voice work. You’re afraid to tell the boss that his decision is flawed.