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Curious about co-working spaces? The CEO Magazine recently examined the "meteoric rise" of these new working environments, "where innovation is flourishing and competitors often sit side-by-side, changing long-held business beliefs about how to get ahead." 
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What do the Eiffel Tower, Claude Monet and executive growth have in common? The simple, surface answer is Paris.
On February 14, a team from Luye Pharmaceuticals, a fast-growing global company, put a stake in the ground. The Global Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs team work together across 3 continents with offices in the US, Europe and Japan. Collaboration requires overcoming significant barriers—differences in language, cultures and time zones.
Habits matter. Good ones underpin our successes and bad ones undermine our health and aspirations. That’s why it’s important to intentionally build routines that align with what we want: a happy, healthy, successful life.