How to Build a Culture of High Performance Across 3 Continents

On February 14, a team from Luye Pharmaceuticals, a fast-growing global company, put a stake in the ground.

The Global Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs team work together across 3 continents with offices in the US, Europe and Japan. Collaboration requires overcoming significant barriers—differences in language, cultures and time zones.

Nevertheless, this team wants to achieve the impossible together. To do that, they recognized they would need to communicate, operate and collaborate at a high level despite having members all over the world.

With this goal in mind, the team invited Shawn Kent Hayashi, Founder & CEO of The Professional Development Group and a High Performing Teams Consultant, to conduct a two-day retreat in their Princeton, NJ office.

Shawn walked the team through the key components of effective collaboration: emotional intelligence, communication styles, workplace motivators, and more.

Shawn Kent Hayashi & the Luye Pharma Global Clinical Development and Regulatory Team:

Through a series of validated assessments, each team member increased their own self-awareness about how they prefer to work and communicate. Through retreat activities, each team member also understood the preferences of others on their team.

It was like the fog had lifted. So much became clear about why people behave the way they do. And that is just the beginning!

During the 2-day High Performing Team Retreat, the Luye team:

  • Established 13 criteria for evaluating their performance as a team over the coming year
  • Created team norms for successful interaction and conflict resolution
  • Learned the 5 stages of becoming a high performing team and how to move through each stage in a healthy way
  • Gained insights into their individual and collective strengths and blind spots
  • Discovered the diversity of skills and perspectives on the team as well as its value
  • Learned the impact of emotional intelligence and a model for processing themselves through fear, anger, and sadness rather than getting hijacked by these emotions
  • Felt grateful for the opportunity to be together, learn together, and commit to becoming a high performing team together

To support the team’s continued learning, The Professional Development Group provided two additional tools:

  • A Team Communication Playbook that profiles each team member’s communication style, motivators, and accountabilities.
  • A High Performing Team Retreat Follow-Up Survey for measuring progress toward team-created goals. The quarterly online survey gives everyone an opportunity to provide feedback and serves as a reminder of the team’s commitment to each other over the next 12 months.

This retreat was an important first step for the Luye team. Like pioneers who put literal stakes in the ground, they too made a public declaration: how we work together will impact what we create together. So, let’s accelerate personal growth and team development, and achieve our goals faster.

In 12 short months, Valentine’s Day will come around again. Will your team have the kind of relationships that engender success? If you want to ensure that it does, give us a call at 888-959-1188.