How do I teach my team to work together more effectively?

The Problem. Joe led a team of talented professionals, but noticed that communication differences often made it difficult for these smart people to work together.

One team member who focused on procedures and safety had difficulty listening to and respecting another team member's out-of-the-box, creative thinking.  Other differences in work ethic, attitudes, and approaches to problem solving also created difficulties on the team. That is when Joe reached out to me and asked, "What can I do to help my employees appreciate each other's value and stop undercutting each other?"

The Coach's Solution. I led a team development workshop for Joe at his company. I had each team member (including Joe) take the TriMetrix EQ Assessment, which provided detailed information about workplace preferences, communication styles, and behaviors. The 58-page report generated for the team also outlined very specific information about how these team members should interact with each other.  If Joe read Bob's report, Joe would see bullet points on these topics: Bob's value to the organization, checklists for dos and don'ts when communicating with Bob, Time Wasters, Areas for Improvement, Motivators, etc. Once the assessments were completed, I debriefed the individual results and then talked with the group about how to work effectively as a team.

The Result. Before the workshop, Joe had no idea how to address the dysfunction in his team.  Now, he has a detailed roadmap for overcoming obstacles that result from "personality differences." His team members also know how to be smart about working together, and this solid foundation for collaboration is now their best tool for the complex problem solving in their day-to-day work.

Would you like a roadmap for developing a high-performing team?

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