No matter where you are in your career, no matter what industry your organization focuses on, whether you are a professional in a suit or a professional athlete, the ultimate desired outcome is high performance. Considering that high performance and good decision-making are the ultimate outcomes, how are they attained? There is no doubt that general intelligence and technical skills contribute to high performance.
To be an effective leader, you have to be able to inspire others, to literally-as the word inspire means-breathe life into them. What you are "breathing" into them is a connection to their own motivators, because motivation creates momentum and that momentum will get things accomplished.
It's a new year, and that's the perfect time to think about communication-not just a manager or leader's communication to their team, but what your team members communicate about themselves.
Q. It’s time for your yearly performance review. You aren’t expecting any big surprises, but you still feel a little nervous. How should you prepare for this meeting?
The holidays in November & December provide us with opportunities to express appreciation and gratitude in conversations. Have you ever thought about giving the gift of a great conversation?
Recently I’ve been asked a similar question by several Communication Tips readers. One of you worded it this way:“Yesterday I received feedback from someone who is important to me. He said, ‘You don’t hear me and I’m having a hard time getting your attention!’ When I look at my behavior I realize he is right. What can I do now?”Do you have a peer, boss, colleague, or family member who might be struggling to get your attention? If so, you will appreciate this video!
Yeah! We made it to the other side of a BIG move and we are now settled into new space. Moving, like any complex project, takes loads of communication ability and patience.
Several people shared with me that they want to change their space and / or that they are moving into new space. This has made me laugh out loud when I hear it because I am in the process of moving myself and so like when a person gets a red car they start to see red cars just like their own everywhere they go - that is now happening for me with people who want to make a change in their space.
Hollis Thomases founded WebAdvantage.net, a specialized agency providing strategic digital media and marketing solutions to challenger brands and large non-profits, in 1998.
Imagine this, you manage sales for a large hotel. Your property is hosting this month’s meeting for the local hotel sales association to which you belong. Your boss will be attending. Your clients from the association are looking forward to meeting your boss. Get the picture? At the event one of your largest competitors, also a member of the same association, has chosen to show up with brochures in hand. Your competitor is working the room. Wow! She is smooth with your hot prospects!