People Reading - Workplace Motivators

What motivates you? Do you know what motivates your team members, boss, or family members?

When you know what motivates you and what motivates the person or people you want to connect with creating an engaging conversation is easier.

Workplace motivators are also referred to as Core Values. They measure how you value and approach:

  • efforts to help people and causes
  • authority, power, and control
  • knowledge and information
  • time and resources
  • the arts and protection of the environment
  • traditions and having a system of living

Every person has a unique mix of these different motivational factors. When we understand the value we bring to a team based on our motivators we will be able to effectively put ourselves into roles that will reward our motivators - thus we will be more consistently motivated.

 The 6 Workplace Motivators or Values are:

  • Theoretical
  • Utilitarian
  • Individualistic
  • Aesthetic
  • Social
  • Traditional

People Reading is a skill that can be built over time by practicing observing what the values and communication style of the other person or team members are. Which of the workplace motivators is showing up in the conversation you are having?

When people reading we consider the hierarchy and intensity of the other person in each of the six motivators.  People will be motivated to talk about their top two values. When you ask a person what they are most passionate about they will describe their top values.

In next week's Communication Tips we'll share some real life people reading examples for you to practice applying these ideas.