People Reading - Real Life Case Scenarios

This month we have been focused on People Reading, which is the ability to understand what another person's preferred communication style, and workplace motivators are. Thank you to all of you who shared your stories about people reading by observing communication styles and motivators!

First, let's summarize what we've discussed this month and then you will see this week's Communication Tip is unique.

Communications Styles help us to understand needs in four areas -- how you:

  • Solve problems and make decisions (Dominance continuum)
  • Influence others to your point of view (Influence continuum)
  • Handle the pace of the environment (Steady continuum)
  • Respond to rules and procedures set by others (Compliant to Standards continuum)

When you understand each of these four areas you can tailor conversations to the specific needs that are present now.

Workplace motivators help us to understand why people do what they do and how to inspire them based on their own motivators.  The 6 workplace motivators are:

  • Theoretical
  • Utilitarian
  • Individualistic
  • Aesthetic
  • Social
  • Traditional