Our presentations, workshops, retreats and seminars provide practical strategies and actionable, real world solutions. Each is highly interactive and fully customizable to your team, industry, or event.  Unless noted otherwise, most can be delivered in three ways: as a 45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A or as a skill-building workshop (full-day or half-day).

Sample List of Topics: 

Facing the Future: Creating a Culture of Innovation or Preparing for a Disrupted Future

Leading with Emotional Intelligence or Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teams or Emotional Intelligence @ Work

Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say it Right When it Matters Most

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Growing a High Performing Team

Building a Collaborative Workplace

Building a Highly Effective Mentoring Program

Building a Bully-Proof Organization

Building Relationships Based on Trust

Fit to Lead: How to Inspire Success

Moving from Fear to Passion @ Work

Move Your Team From Fear to High Gear: Managing and Leading Through Change 

Lean Into Conflict: How to Stop Refereeing & Get Your Team to Resolve Conflict on Their Own

How to be the Boss Your Team Loves

High Impact Facilitation Skills: The Best-Kept Secrets for Meeting Leading

How to Deliver More Effective Leadership Presentations or Advanced Presentation Skills

Presentation and Media Training

Managing Time & Priorities in the 24/7 Workplace

Select Topic Overviews:

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Sparking a Feedback Revolution
Alternate Title: How to Create a Rapid-Growth Work Culture

What’s the best way to deliver feedback? While some experts urge speaking up frequently and aggressively, neuroscientists say feedback elicits a defensive response in the brain. So how do you share feedback so it spurs growth and prompts change? Or hear feedback through your own natural defenses? In this interactive workshop, executive coach and high performing teams consultant Shawn Kent Hayashi will discuss how we can do a better job of delivering and listening to feedback—and create a culture of collaboration and growth.

Facing the Future: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Alternate Titles: How to Prepare Your Team to Face a Disrupted Future;
Competencies and Strategies for Leading When You’re Not Sure What’s Coming Next

This presentation will focus on creating an agile and innovative organization. First, it will describe the skill most needed—yet least developed—for 21st century leadership: futuristic thinking. Second, it will demonstrate how to apply futuristic thinking by discussing eight megatrends that have the potential to disrupt markets, supply chains, customers and employees in every industry. Third, the presentation will explore how best to equip teams to proactively plan for, adapt to, and seize the opportunities these megatrends will create. It will directly address the issue of resistance to facing a future of rapid change and economic uncertainty. By focusing on these key elements, this session will empower leaders and organizations to transform the anxiety related to disruption into the creativity needed for innovation.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Alternate Titles: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teams; Emotional Intelligence @ Work

Emotional intelligence is not only one of the key building blocks for team collaboration, it’s one of the most important competencies for excelling as a leader. But what is it exactly? What does it mean to be “emotionally literate” individually and as a leader? This workshop will reveal the 7 core emotions and 5 competencies of emotional intelligence. You will understand your own “emotional wake” and the impact it has on your ability to influence others. You will also learn what you can do to dilute negative emotions and how to process yourself and others through an emotional hijack. By the end of this interactive workshop, you will know how to use emotional intelligence to build meaningful relationships with safety and trust as the foundation, and you will understand why this key competency is essential for star performance in any role.

Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say It Right When It Matters Most

Successfully handling change is central to becoming a great leader. In this interactive workshop, executive coach and high performing teams consultant Shawn Kent Hayashi will reveal how to assess your own change attitude and identify resistance in others. She’ll also outline a framework for managing your team and yourself through change and identify specific actions you can take to create change opportunities for growth for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Growing a High Performing Team

In this presentation, you will learn the specifics of what it takes to make a good team great.  Of course, great teams are lead by inspiring leaders – but how do those leaders manage their teams during the 5 different stages of team development?  What are the symptoms of low functioning teams and what actions steps can leaders take to counter them?  How do you minimize unnecessary conflict and work through healthy conflict productively?  What are the best tools for hiring and team building?  This interactive presentation or workshop will show you how to achieve these outcomes.  Stop managing by guesswork and start leading with results!

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Does hiring and developing talent ever feel like gambling?  In this workshop, we’ll learn the scientific tools you can use to identify and develop high performers. We will discuss techniques for bringing out the best in employees and the role of emotions in developing talent. You will master creating job benchmarks that clearly define a role’s responsibilities and the communication style and values necessary to excel at it.

How to Build a Bully-Proof Organization

How can you create organizations that are resistant to harassment and bullying? Build high performing teams well versed in emotional intelligence. When team members develop an awareness of their own emotions and those of others, they can self-regulate behavior more effectively. Raising the EQ of an organization also empowers people with the tools they need to hold difficult conversations, work through conflict productively, and nurture an environment of trust. In this session, we'll discuss what emotional intelligence is, describe ways to nurture it in organizations, and highlight case studies from companies who have minimized the risk of negative behaviors by developing emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams.

Starring in a Workplace Horror Story? How to be the Boss Your Team Loves
Alternate Title: From Drudgery to Joy: How to Get People to Love Working for You

You’re the boss, but you don’t have to be a villain. In fact, if you want to create a workplace culture where people thrive, innovate, and love coming to work every day, then you want to be the hero—the one facing impossible odds and winning with the help of your team. So how do you hold people accountable and inspire them? Shape your emotional wake. Design roles that align with people’s passions. Create norms around communicating and working through conflict. In this session, global leadership expert Shawn Kent Hayashi demystifies the elements of inspiring leadership so you can turn a workplace horror story into a success story.

Our retreats can also be customized to your objectives:

High Performing Team Retreat
Can be delivered as a 2 or 3-day team retreat, or half-day modules

Talent@Work® Seminar
A 3-day seminar or half-day modules

Executives Leading Growth
A 2-day retreat