How to Lead without Resentment

Below is an excerpt from my new coaching modules, The 24/7 Leader: Transforming Personal & Professional Life:

Emotional intelligence is the foundation skill for everything I coach: how to bring out the best in yourself and your team, resolve conflicts, and grow meaningfully.

Inspiring leaders understand the power of emotions – and they're not afraid of their emotions.

If we attempt to hide from our emotions – or we’re not paying attention to them – we unknowingly develop bad mental habits that keep us stewing in the unpleasant chemical marinades. For example:

  • Unprocessed sadness that lingers for a long time can become depression.
  • Unaddressed anger either leaks out as passive aggressive behavior or quietly builds until it erupts in uncontrolled outbursts.
  • Unexamined fear can also show up as passive behavior or harden into an unwillingness to change and grow.

Emotional awareness, on the other hand, lets us lead ourselves and our team more effectively.

If you want to become an inspiring leader and develop a high performing team that plays to each other's strengths, covers each other's blind spots – and does so without resentment – it starts with emotional intelligence!

Your Coaching Challenge:

Our Emotional Intelligence playlist on YouTube coaches you to raise your EQ.

Start with Why EQ is Important, the 7 Core Emotions, and the 5 Competencies of EQ!


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