New Book from Shawn Kent Hayashi: “Conversations that Get Results & Inspire Collaboration"

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Engage Your Team, Your Manager, and Your Peers to Take Action

By Shawn Kent Hayashi

The third volume in Shawn Kent Hayashi’s “Conversations” Series helps business professionals at any level use effective communication to move themselves—and others—toward positive, clearly defined goals

 “Business is a conversation focused on getting results.” 

Professional development expert Shawn Kent Hayashi connects the power of the spoken word and its influence and impact to professional success and profits- creating bonds, inspiration, understanding, and helping companies and their employees function maximally.

In her previous books, executive coach and professional development expert Shawn Kent Hayashi identified the various types of conversations that are vital for growth and success.

Now, in Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration (McGraw-Hill Professional; April, 2013; Paperback, $18.00) she answers the questions she is most frequently asked during coaching and training sessions:

  •      What can I do to engage people collaboratively?
  •      How can I ensure I have a positive impact?
  •      How do I get my point across so that others hear me?
  •      How do I ensure I meet the needs of my audience, so we can move projects forward?
  •      What can I do to turn things around and get back on track when things aren’t going the way I had hoped they would?

Hayashi has included five business case studies that illustrate business managers and leaders successfully engaged their managers, peers, and employees to take the next actions to build momentum toward success.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Shawn Kent Hayashi is the best-selling author of Conversations for Creating Star Performers and Conversations for Change™.  She is also is a consultant, executive coach, and founder of The Professional Development Group.  An expert in developing star performers and high-performing teams globally, Shawn facilitates growth in leadership ability, emotional intelligence, communication skills, stronger relationships and teams, and effective presentations.  She guides leaders to achieve positive, lasting changes in behavior—for themselves, their people and their teams.

A Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Hayashi earned an M.S. in Organization Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Shawn is the Executive in Residence for the Lehigh University MBA program. 

Her methods and advisory projects have been featured in The New York Times, Chief Learning Officer,, and, among many other national and international media outlets.  Her impressive client list includes American Express, GE, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, and other Fortune 500 companies.