EQ & Motivation

I hope you had an enjoyable Valentines Day! This month in the Communication Tips we are focused on Emotional Intelligence. Today we are exploring the EQ competency called "Motivation."

But first if you did not see last weeks tip: I'm inviting you to do an EQ check-up with me. My Valentines gift to you is a complementary EQ assessment that will show you how you are doing in the 5 competencies of Emotional Intelligence:  Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills. You will receive your report in email as soon as you complete the questions.

Motivation is our ability to use our strengths and natural talents to guide our activities and conversations towards doing what we enjoy. When we are passionate about something we are motivated to learn about it and do more of it.

Notice what triggers you to feel joy, passion, and love for your work. If you are not motivated in your work, it is time for a check-in with yourself.  Create a conversation with yourself about what you most enjoy and explore how you could set up your day so that 80% or more of you day is spent in conversations and activities that trigger you in positive ways. Your personal EQ report will also suggest things you can do to raise your motivation based on your own score. 

To raise your motivation it is important to know what your strengths and natural talents are.  Make a list of activities you enjoy, tasks you love to do, and things that inspire you.  Recall things you enjoyed doing when you were younger.  Are you doing these things regularly now? Do you LOVE what you are doing? If so, you are using your ability to motivate yourself wisely.  

Please feel free to share these Communication Tips with your peers, friends and family members who would appreciate the opportunity to complete the EQ assessment too.

And thank you! for all the questions and ideas you have been sharing since we began the Communications Tips series.