Conversations that Get Results & Inspire Collaboration

What is the key to business success? COLLABORATION. This book provides everything you need to inspire, take part in, and manage the conversations that are the hallmark of true teamwork.

In Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, best-selling author Shawn Kent Hayashi answers the questions she is asked most frequently by her executive coaching clients:

  • What can I do to engage people collaboratively?
  • How can I ensure I have a positive impact?
  • How do I identify the real needs of my coworkers and move projects forward?
  • What can I do to get conversations back on track when they threaten to veer out of control?

Featuring case studies illustrating best practices for engaging leaders, peers, and employees to build momentum toward success, Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration gives you the tools to create the right conversation at the right time to achieve your business goals.

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