Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Are you ready to develop star performers? Are your conversations creating engagement and momentum? Do you know how to craft conversations that develop and grow people and teams?

Being engaging, inspiring, able to see around corners, and able to read what motivates others will make you a more effective developer of star performers.

Successful managers, leaders, and coaches develop star performers.  Do you know how to focus team members on the correct things that produce the desired results? Inspiring people to reach for their best every day is possible when we offer constructive feedback, use meetings to set realistic, concrete goals, and lead the right conversations about work performance.

In her best-seller, Conversations for Creating Star Performers, Shawn Kent Hayashi offers a roadmap showing how to leverage conversations into game-changing moments.  With a clear, pragmatic voice, Shawn guides readers to master the art of conversations that will advance employees’ talents. 

Take Your Learning to Deeper Levels

The Conversations for Creating Star Performers seminar focuses on building your mastery in developing star performers.  Contact us to learn more.