Our presentations, workshops, retreats and seminars provide practical strategies and actionable, real world solutions. Each is highly interactive and fully customizable to your team, industry, or event.  Unless noted otherwise, most can be delivered in three ways: as a 45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A or as a skill-building workshop (full-day or half-day).

List of Topics: 

Facing the Future: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Growing a High Performing Team

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Moving from Fear to Passion @ Work

Fit to Lead: How to Inspire Success

12 Ways to Say It Right When It Matters Most

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Move Your Team From Fear to High Gear: Managing and Leading Through Change 

Preparing for a Disrupted Future

Creating a Resilient Future

Building a Collaborative Workplace

What Creates a Strong Organization and Culture?

High Impact Facilitation Skills: The Best-Kept Secrets for Meeting Leading

How to Deliver More Effective Leadership Presentations

The Best Practices for Optimal Performance Management     

People Reading - Building Relationships Based on Trust

Developing Strategic Thinking Skills to Create the Future You Want

Working Across Cultures

Creating a Stand-Out Personal Brand  

Engage, Inspire & Influence Others Through Storytelling 

The Integrated You 

Strategic Networking: How to Set the Stage for Productive Collaborations

​​​​​​​Lead with Your Strengths, Not Someone Else’s

Building a Highly Effective Mentoring Program

Negotiating with Confidence​​​​​​​

Advanced Presentation Skills

Presentation and Media Training

Managing Time & Priorities in the 24/7 Workplace

Our Retreats can also be customized to your objectives:

High Performing Team Retreat
Can be delivered as a 2 or 3-day team retreat, or half-day modules

Talent@Work® Seminar
A 3-day seminar or half-day modules