Are you an experienced professional with a successful track record making a positive impact on your team and for your clients? Do you love meeting new people and nurturing a large network of professional colleagues and new connections? Are you a lifelong learner who values collaboration, growth, and creating a life you love? If your answer is "yes," then one of these opportunities to join our team might be the next right step in your career!  

High Performing Team Consultants

The consultants we are seeking will share our company values and also:

  • Possess a successful professional track record (10+ years) of making a positive impact on their teams and for their clients
  • Love meeting new people and nurturing a large network of professional colleagues and new connections
  • Enjoy being part of a collaborative, supportive team
  • Value learning, growth, and creating a life they love
  • Be located near a city or metropolitan area in the U.S. ...or abroad!

This opportunity to join our team offers:

  • The ability to work with a respected brand whose proprietary methods are trusted by entrepreneurial as well as Fortune 500 clients
  • Membership in a high performing team with a strong track record of success in developing teams and inspiring leaders
  • Complete training in our package of services and ongoing coaching in how to use our proprietary methods and intellectual property—tools, models, books, and assessments that you may begin using immediately
  • Being part of a company culture that values collaboration, trust, learning, and growth, including a Mastermind Team to learn with, as well as administrative and marketing support 
  • Freedom to work from anywhere, set your own schedule, and work the hours you want to work, with the clients you choose to work with

Subject Matter Expert Sr. Consultants

Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) Sr. Consultants possess a specific area of deep expertise to be brought in to work when needed with our executive coaching clients across the U.S.. Ashley Russo is an example of one of our SME Sr. Consultants, focused on Media Training & Presentation Skills.

To Apply

Send your resume to; in the subject line, include the title of the position for which you are applying. Or call us at 888-959-1188 and speak to Emily at ext. 83.

Make A Meaningful Connection

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